Amira Hass at University of Michigan

Amira Hass spoke here at the University of Michigan on April 8. She’s an amazing Israeli journalist for Ha’aretz who lives in Ramallah — if you haven’t read her, definitely look her up. Her talk was a brilliant examination of the ways in which violence and specifically weapons are gendered and sexualized in Israel and Palestine.

There were just two of us working together here in A2, so we’re thinking small-scale for our actions; we left a pile of stickers outside of the lecture hall with the “No Time to Celebrate” statement on the back, and lots of people picked them up and read them (including Amira Hass).

It was amazing to see the logo in so many hands — and I guess because Amira Hass is Israeli & a journalist, it was not the usual crowd for Palestine-related events here — lots of professors and community members, probably quite a few of them Jewish.

We announced the “No Time to Celebrate” campaign during the Q&A and got a solid, awesome round of applause, and a couple of enthusiastic people approached me afterward. Hooray!

(Ironically, the talk was sponsored by Motorola, which supplies bomb fuses and communication technology to the Israeli military — check out

This is what we can do in Ann Arbor with just two of us working together — which bodes well for being able to make our presence huge across the U.S. & Canada.

— Nava EtShalom


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