Media and Educational Actions


Host an exhibit of Birthright Re-Plugged photos:

Web Videos

Make a short publicly-accessible video documenting your action or creatively making your point.
If Not Now, When? is an example of a short film in which Jews speak out against the illusion of Jewish consensus on Israel:

Blog to Remember the Nakba Campaign

Do you have a blog or online journal? Please use it to help educate others about the Nakba as part of a month-long “Blog to Remember the Nakba” campaign kicking off this Passover. You can participate in this whether or not you are hooked in with a local group, all you have to do if post Nakba commemoration related content during this time as little or often as you’d like.

You can post history, news, links or personal reflections, or just the text of the “No Time To Celebrate” statement. Please share why this anniversary is important to you. Possible topics include how does the liberation-celebrating holiday of Passover relate to the ongoing Nakba, Your personal history with these issues, reflecting on how current attacks on Gaza are a continuation of the events in 1948, highlighting a commemoration event or act of resistance, or discussing what’s missing from local Israel at 60 events.

Possibly helpful resources include:

Palestinian Appeal to boycott Israel at 60 events
The International Nakba Project
Nakba 60th anniversary events
Electronic Intifada Nakba links
If Not Now, When?
Institute For Middle East Understanding-The Untold Stories Includes narratives from Nakba survivors

While this campaign is targeted towards generating Jewish action, all supporters can spread the word about this campaign online and are encouraged to write their own Naba-related posts as well.

Please tag posts with “Nakba” and “no time to celebrate” and use one of the logo images available on if possible. Please also include a link to After you post, please email us a link at notimetocelebrate (AT) with “Blog Campaign” in the subject line.

Demonstration with Signs/Posters/Flyers In a strategic setting

Create a demonstration of people commemorating the Nakba. This could include signs, posters, handing out flyers, etc. See the Materials and Messaging section for more resources.

Speaker/Film Events

– Host a local academic, activist or panel of folks to discuss Palestine and/or the Nakba.
– Screen the film Occupation 101
– Set-up an information table in a public space
– Provide information on Nakba Day to passerby in a public place. Use flyers, banners or other resources in the visual images/public art section.


The No Time To Celebrate Media Action workgroup is encouraging people with stories about the Nakba (Jewish, Palestinian, other) to participate in StoryCorps, an ongoing, national radio/oral history project broadcast on NPR and archived at the Library of Congress (

We will be coordinating the organization of this effort and will need help, especially in reaching out to many localities and looking for people to encourage to participate. So please get in touch if you’re interested… and please don’t just do it on your own without letting us know, if you have a lead to a good storyteller.

StoryCorps sets up booths around the country in which people can interview someone close to them in a safe space, with the help of an expert facilitator. The booths go on tour, as well, and people can also submit stories on their own with easy-to-access recording equipment. The experience can be very moving for both the interviewer and the interviewee; many people process important experiences from their lives for the fist time in this environment.

If you’re interested in helping to coordinate this in your area (or nationally), or if you know of people who have good, first-person stories or relationships to share, contact the Media Action workgroup coordinator: notimetocelebrate (AT) with StoryCorps in the subject line.