Other Creative Ideas

Other suggestions:
(add your own using the “Comments” option below!)

  • Get a float in the Israel Day parade if there is one
  • Create a big map of all of “Israel” and do a short performance piece where you take it off and it’s now Palestine, with all the villages (use Salman Abu Sitta’s map from www.plands.org)
  • Create a performance where each person wears the name/picture of an Israeli community, then lifts it and under neath finds a name/picture of a Palestinian village
  • Make “Remember the Nakba” pins/stickers to distribute
  • At Israel Day celebrations, hand out information about Palestine on small accessible flyers about anything from destroyed villages to cultural appropriation
  • Graffiti or chalk or paint Nakba messages on the ground where event will be held the next day
  • Make an anti-JNF poster with before and after pictures of the Palestinian village Saffourieh


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