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SF: Palestinian and Jewish activists organize visual disruption of Israel in the Gardens festival

No peace in apartheid

Hundreds of people, including many involved in No Time To Celebrate, demonstrated against the celebration of the Israeli apartheid state at the June 1st Israeli in the Gardens Festival in San Francisco . Creative actions took place throughout the day, including the release of 1,000 red, green and black balloons during the event’s ceremonial tribute to the universal desire for world peace

Click here for more photos.

For Flashpoints Radio’s coverage of the action visit, click here (click the June 5th link, the 8 minute story is 52 minutes in).


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Haggadah supplement is ready!

Our brand new haggadah supplement is ready! Download it here.

We have come together with all our sadness, our rage, our compassion, our complexity and our creative genius as anti-zionist Jews to bare witness to the 60th anniversary of al-Nakba. This resource is not a complete haggadah, but rather supplemental readings to be used in combination with any other haggadah, and provides opportunities for reflection, emotion, healing and transformation. We hope they will also inspire us to continue transforming our communities, creating new traditions, and working for justice in Palestine.

This year Palestinians are refugees. Next year all Palestinians will have the right to return to their home lands and to Jerusalem!

[Recently Added: The 2008 International Jewish Solidarity Network Liberation Seder haggadah is also available for download here. It incorporates the No Time to Celebrate supplement within a complete liberation seder format.]

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“No Time To Celebrate” on KPFK Radio Intifada

Today, on KPFK Pacifica Radio, the program Radio Intifada interviewed several amazing guests about the Nakba, including Ari Lev Fornari, who spoke about our campaign.

Listen to the show
It will be available online for the next 90 days. Ari is interviewed during the last 10 minutes of the broadcast


Radio Intifada’s program this week marks the anniversary of the Deir Yassin massacre, both with a historical discussion of the events and a discussion of the Palestinian, Israeli and North American Jewish efforts to counter the predominant Israeli narrative and celebrations.


  • Professor Naseer Aruri, noted author, Chancellor Professor (Emeritus) of political science, U of Massachusets, Dartmouth, chair of the board of Trans-Arab
  • Eitan Bronstein, Israeli founder of Zochcrot and organizer of “Nakbah in Hebrew” campaigns, including the ceremony at the village of Deir Yassin
  • Omar Barghouti, independent Palestinian cultural and political analyst based in Jerusalem. He is a founding member of PACBI, the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel
  • Ari Lev Fornari, currently living in San Francisco and member of No Time to Celebrate: Jews Remember the Nakba campaign
  • and Al Faris, Los Angeles-based actor, who will be reading from documents related to the Dayr Yasin massacre

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Amira Hass at University of Michigan

Amira Hass spoke here at the University of Michigan on April 8. She’s an amazing Israeli journalist for Ha’aretz who lives in Ramallah — if you haven’t read her, definitely look her up. Her talk was a brilliant examination of the ways in which violence and specifically weapons are gendered and sexualized in Israel and Palestine.

There were just two of us working together here in A2, so we’re thinking small-scale for our actions; we left a pile of stickers outside of the lecture hall with the “No Time to Celebrate” statement on the back, and lots of people picked them up and read them (including Amira Hass). Continue reading

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