Protest at AIPAC event, May 5, 2008

by alan meyers
Email: afmeyers (nospam)
Phone: 617-492-0520

On Sunday 4 May 2008, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee held its annual “New England Leadership Dinner” at the Westin Copley Hotel. About 75 people turned out to protest, an event sponsored by Jewish Voice for Peace-Boston, Jewish Women for Justice in Israel/Palestine, the Boston Coalition for Palestinian Rights, and United for Justice with Peace’s Israel/Palestine Task Force.

We took up position along Huntington Avenue, effectively lining the route where the attendees were stopped in their cars awaiting entry into the hotel garage. They had to look at us for uncomfortably long periods of time – some engaged us in (usually) hostile discussion; one woman started crying and asked the police how we could be allowed to be there (answer: it was legal, and the police were quite tolerant of our presence). The organizers contacted all local newspaper, TV, and radio outlets but – surprise! – not a single reporter or photographer showed up. Makes ya wonder, doesn’t it.

For added excitement, check out the video clip of the David Project’s Hillel Stavis threatening violence at

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