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Please look through these resources, and if you have any questions or would like to talk through your media strategy with a rep from the Media Support Work Group, please email:

Practical Media Resources

Tips on getting TV/Radio/Newspaper coverage (CODEPINK)

Tips on using Online media

Tips on making your own media

Tips on writing Press Releases and Advisories (Spin Project)

Tips on writing Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor

A tool for finding local media sources (TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, some online)

Sample Press Materials from No Time To Celebrate

Sample Press Release

Sample Letter to the Editor

Sample Op-Ed published in the Jewish Advocate and on Electronic Intifada

Speaking to The Press

No Time To Celebrate Talking Points

Helpful tips for spokespeople (CODEPINK)

Broad Strokes Resources

Media Strategy overview (ie. why do it, helpful hints) (CODEPINK)

Menu of resources (Spin Project)

Creative Media Action Ideas for No Time to Celebrate

Click here for more creative ideas for media-based educational actions!

Be in touch!

  • Are you organizing local Jewish Anti-Zionist actions to commemorate the Nakba? Do you have questions or do you just want some collaboration and support around getting media coverage? Please contact, and the No Time To Celebrate Media Workgroup will be in touch! Please include:
    • What your group’s questions/needs are (e.g. general media strategy brainstorming, blogger outreach, online social media, newspapers, broadcast radio and television, online radio and video, speaking to the press, drafting press releases, developing press relationships, etc)
    • Your or another rep from your local group’s phone number
  • Do you have expertise or knowledge about a specific aspect of media work and would be willing to support others? Please contact, and the No Time To Celebrate Media Work Group will connect you with people who need support in the area you know about!
  • If you get media coverage or make your own media, email it to us so we can have a centralized archive of all of the media on No Time to Celebrate. Send media and links to: