Making Your Own Media

It is getting easier and easier to document your actions and spread the word yourself.


Iit’s really useful to have video footage of your actions, even if the image quality isn’t the greatest. Get interviews with good, concise sound bites from participants and edit together your own mini-documentary if possible. Upload your video footage to YouTube, google video, and any other free video hosting sites to share your work.


Still images are also great to have, so have at least one designated photographer if possible. Upload whatever you’re comfortable sharing to a free image hosting service like Photobucket or Flickr.

Note: Be sure to utilize “tags” with photos, video, and any other materials you post online that allow them. Tags are keywords that you assign to your material that help other people find it. Use as many tags as are allowed, and be as broad as possible–likely keywords you’ll want to use are your city, state, location of action, “nakba,” “no time to celebrate,” “palestine,” etc, as well as any thing particular to your action (were puppets used? tag it “puppets”.)


If there’s an indymedia center in your area, you can post your own stories to their newswire — announcements before the fact, your own reports (with photos) after. You also might want to let them
know about your action and see if they’ll send someone to cover it.

Be sure to email links to your material to!


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