Using Online Media

The internet is a great way to spread the word about your actions, before or after the fact

List servs

If anyone you’re working with is on any email lists that are relevant to your action, be sure to have them post something either to get participants for it or let people know that it happened afterwards. You can also search yahoogroups ( or google for local activist-y lists you might not have known about and join–just make sure your posts fit within the guidelines of the community, SPAM won’t win you any friends.


Blogs are one of the most popular ways for people to get news.

Finding Blogs
Find out what your local news blogs are and tip them off to your action. The Gothamist, for example, has local blogs in many major cities, check and see if yours is one of them. You can also use blog-specific search engines like Technorati and icerocket to find blogs that cover news in your area and/or relevent subject matter. While all coverage is helpful, you might want to prioritize blogs with larger readership — Technorati ranks blogs by how much “authority” (other blogs linking back to them) they have, which can be useful.

Tipping off bloggers
Bloggers need new stories constantly, so many welcome such story ideas (especially if you can point them to photos or video that they can post — see making your own media.) Be nice, and try to write emails
that are tone-appropriate to the blogger you are contacting (don’t be afraid to be casual and even a little snarky, as long as you’re not being rude.)

Leaving comments on your story
If you do get blog coverage (you can use technorati and icerocket to search for yourself,) make sure to get others to leave supportive comments about the action. However, watch out for dead-end arguments
with haters and don’t get sucked it

Leaving comments to publicize your action
you can also leave comments publicizing your action (especially if you have blog posts about it and/or your own photos/video — see make your own media) on blog posts on related subject matter. Leave a nice
comment that directly connects to the post — again, SPAM will not help you. For example, if you find a post good critiquing a recent Iraeli military action you can enage with the post, give your support to the critique (and any other feedback you might have) and share that Jewish people in your area did [action X] (with links!) in an effort to achieve [goal Y]. You can also comment on posts from those less friendly to your politics (the more people know it happened, the better, and some readers might even be supportive), just be prepared for the reaction.


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